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Girl Trek: Walking in Blackwood, New Jersey


I’m a Girl Trekker from New Jersey. There are so many walking venues in Southern New Jersey. Grenloch Lake Memorial Park is just one of many we will seek out and share our pictures.


Grenloch Lake Memorial Park – a great place for a short walk. F.Y.I They stock the lake with trout.


Girl Treking: Joy the Fuel That Motivates

On Day 2 of the 9 Day Prayer – Observing the Fruit of the Spirit. Our prayer focus is JOY! 20140602_084854We (Shanice and I) met Yvette who inspired us to walk beyond the 30 minutes and walk 4 miles. Yvette was in a car accident 12/2012 and is now up to four miles a day. She sparked such joy in our hearts, we were committed to do no less.

Joy comes without fanfare or pronouncement. When it does, it makes me feel wonderfully alive. My joy begins by acknowledging God’s beauty and handiwork. His precious gift of mercy and compassion. I know for some it may seem that he does not answer prayer, nevertheless, I can assure you he does. Yvette found herself in a position December, 2012 that changed her life. I do not know the whole story behind her car accident, yet I know other stories to understand the difficulty it takes to learn to walk again. I am now thinking about a dear friend, Donald who was in a car accident in the beginning of April. On Thursday, April 20th, I received a telephone call from Donald. I returned his call the next day. Donald had been in a car accident on April 4th and just woke from a coma. He now has to learn how to walk again. He is a gifted artist and God spared his life. We are working on a book project together, and that was one of the first words out of his mouth. “Mrs. Smart, we have to get my project done.”

Yvette gives me encouragement that Donald will walk again. I will be meeting with a videographer to put together a fundraising campaign for Donald. He is out of work now and will need help financing his project. I will do what I can do. I just know that during and at the end of the project, there will be exceeding Joy. The Lord gives us challenges so we can grow. My heart is continually fueled by the joy of the people and projects he delivers to my door step.

Tomorrow’s walk focuses on PEACE. Peace is one of the most challenging Fruit of the Spirit, because our days are filled with negative interactions in our home, our jobs and in the world. 2 Corinthians 10:30 says, “For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does.” God’s will is for us to address our issues through Love, the first Fruit of the Spirit; and Peace. Unfortunately, we are disobedient most times and wage war using our own understanding.

Tomorrow we walk praying for the knowledge of how to grow in the spirit of Peace. I hope you join in the movement to walk for your health; spiritually, as well as, physically.

Sign up: www.girltrek.org  Team Leader: Deborah Smart  Team: Smart By Choice  Location: Clementon, NJ

P.S. My walking partner is 40 years younger,
and a blessing to fellowship with on our walk.






It’s About to be Birthed!

It's About to be Birthed!

Pearl, The Little Light that Shines

“Inspirational book for the young readers, as well as, appealing cross-generational readers.”

Even as we grow older, our memories keep drawing us back to the past. Some memories bring smiles, and some overwhelm us with sadness. Despite some of the sad memories, P. J. “Pearl” Richardson, at age 60, decides to write about both the good and bad memories to illustrate how one does not have to be victim of their past.

In her first book, “Pearl, The Little Light that Shines”, she tells of her various relationships and adventures, and how she allows the light of Jesus to shine through the hurt, pain and disappointments in life. Her light inspires others to gain a positive outlook on their lives. Her stories bridge across all age groups as she begins telling her story at age 10. Each of her stories has a message each age group can learn a little more about living a fulfilling life by rejecting the negative memories.

Visit Pearl J. Richardson’s blog – http://thepearlineoyster.com as she reveals some of the stories behind the stories and the characters.

Pre-Order Today! Save $2.00 – Shipping Begins May 1st.


Kat’s Corner at The Willingboro Grand Marketplace

Kat's Corner at The Willingboro Grand Marketplace

While out and about with my friend Zola Aminata (http://www.angelsinthespirit.com) we met Vincent and his Grandmother Katherine, Proprietor of “Kat’s Corner” (click on the picture for a quick tour). It’s a beautiful nook with antiques jewelry, pocketbooks and knick-knacks. If you have not ventured to the Willingboro Grand Market, they are housed in the Flea Market section, set aside some time Thursday, Friday or Saturday to stroll up and down the avenues. http://grandfleamarket.nova-antiques.com/


Maximize Your Self-Publishing Experience


One Smart Lady Productions / Gladstone Publishing Services

Writing a book can be stressful and hard work.  The writing of the book is actually the easiest leg of the journey to becoming a successful independent publishing author.

The next step is Marketing and Distribution of your project. It is easy to invest in a vendor’s table at events, but packing up your books and setting up your table from venue to venue is hard work. You may be able to schedule your first book signings right away, because your family and friends have been waiting for you to finish this long awaited book.  Again, along with the help of a friend, you will have to pack up your books and set up your table, man your table, sit and watch mostly people avoiding eye contact until they decide they want to examine your book, then pack up your books and take the remainder home to store in your closet, garage or trunk of your car until the next event.

I founded Gladstone Publishing Services in 1998 and operated as a traditional mainstream publisher for five years.  Since 2005, I switched over to become a publishing consultant for first-time writers looking to self-publish their books. I have been very successful in getting their books in print.  That is what I focused on.  But, I realized that what was missing from each project was the marketing and distribution. My clients were writers, they were not business people, trained in the art of marketing or distribution. So in May of this year, I made a decision.

One Smart Lady Productions and Gladstone Publishing Services is sponsoring “Maximize Your Book Production Experience’. Download flyer: http://bit.ly/MaxBookProduction Register Here: http://bit.ly/RegisterMPE or call (856) 712-0625 for more information; you can text your questions to this number also.

I hope to see you on the 21st to help you Maximize Your Book Production Experience.  The average independent self-publisher sells less than 500 books…successful ones have sold 2,000….others have been picked up by mainstream publishing houses.

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