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It’s About to be Birthed!

It's About to be Birthed!

Pearl, The Little Light that Shines

“Inspirational book for the young readers, as well as, appealing cross-generational readers.”

Even as we grow older, our memories keep drawing us back to the past. Some memories bring smiles, and some overwhelm us with sadness. Despite some of the sad memories, P. J. “Pearl” Richardson, at age 60, decides to write about both the good and bad memories to illustrate how one does not have to be victim of their past.

In her first book, “Pearl, The Little Light that Shines”, she tells of her various relationships and adventures, and how she allows the light of Jesus to shine through the hurt, pain and disappointments in life. Her light inspires others to gain a positive outlook on their lives. Her stories bridge across all age groups as she begins telling her story at age 10. Each of her stories has a message each age group can learn a little more about living a fulfilling life by rejecting the negative memories.

Visit Pearl J. Richardson’s blog – http://thepearlineoyster.com as she reveals some of the stories behind the stories and the characters.

Pre-Order Today! Save $2.00 – Shipping Begins May 1st.

Writing Brings Joy

In March, I decided to give up my hours reading posts on my personal Facebook page for Lent. I know what most would say, “That is not a sacrifice.” For me it is. I work on manuscripts, blogs and websites in the privacy of my home. Facebook offers me a chance to socialize with the outside world. In bible study, my Pastor taught us about the true meaning of the Lenten season, and how it was not just to give up something to eat, but to really sacrifice something that is pleasurable and replace it with something that is holy or meaningful.

I have many client projects that are keeping me busy, but I wanted to do something for myself that would be dedicated to the Lord and my family.  Finances are always an issue and I wantHadana-FCed to focus on bringing a steady sustaining income into the household, not just money from projects as I complete them.  So in addition to spending a great deal of my time studying “The Lord’s Prayer” for which I am writing a reflection paper; I also decided to publish a couple of my own manuscripts. Of course the big one is my collaboration with P. J. Richardson on “The String of Pearl” series, but I also had a gem that I collaborated with my young niece, Hadana Trinity Smart. At the time, Hadana was seven years old. She is now eleven and still just as gifted and wise as can be.  “Hadana and the Skating Club” will be released in the next couple of weeks. I am putting the finishing touches on it.

I was also blessed to work with a young teenager, a senior in high school, Joy R. Brooks who did a wonderful job designing and illustrating the book cover. I gave her a photo of Hadana and described a scene from the story. What you see is exactly how I described it to her.

I pray that the Lord will bless these two young ladies with a life that will allow them to grow with their gifts.

I pray that you will support us when the book is published and share it with your friends and family. The book is written with young folk from ages 8-10 in mine, but can be enjoyed by all.

“Pearl, The Little Light that Shines” will soon follow.


Does Family Background Determine Our Career Choices?

This was a question posed by Yoshito Hori, Founder and President of GLOBIS.

I thought that in light of my upcoming book I would share with you my response.Image

“The Patriarchs in my family were all business owners (part-timers in some cases). My dad worked for Merck for 34 years and at the same time had his own Miniature Golf and Driving Range (1962 – 198?). During the 1950s and 1960s, my grandfather owned and operated a grocery store. His father was a Chesapeake “Waterman”, he fished for crabs for a living. I worked in corporate for 16 years, but decided to take a severance package and set out on my own. I started out as a Computer Training Consultant in 1985. I started my own Publishing company in 1998 and I am currently an Independent Publishing Consultant and Author. Over that past 28 years “My Mission” has been not to be locked into a job. So I would say my family background had a lot to do with my life choices, and am thoroughly thankful.”

Holiday Reflections

This Christmas Holiday was bittersweet. My husband, mother-in-law and step-daughter enjoyed our time together opening gifts. Our tree was small in stature. Our gifts instead of wrapped were placed in gift bags…this is my husband’sImage favorite solution. I am a terrible wrapper so I have gone the gift bag route.  Since the bags are much bigger than table, I sat them on the floor. Under the tree, I opted to make it a teddy bear celebration. I use to collect Boyd Bears and found a couple of Janaida’s bears to add to the mix.

After opening the gifts, we all went our separate ways. I opted to work on a project that had been nagging me for a while. The cluttered…junky back bedroom.  It held boxes of clothes, paper work and books.  I had taken over our dining room table to use as my workspace. It’s nice but it did not lend to creative writing and privacy.  So I took on the four hour task of packing, stacking and throwing away clutter.

I now have a work area that I can work on my manuscript, as well as, my client manuscripts.  I can create video and audio training files.  There is a futon that I can now take my catnaps when I’ve exhausted my brain cells. This is easily done because I work on so many different projects at any given moment.

This year, I gave myself the gift of creation. I can slip out of bed and walk down the hall to capture my dreams and develop my story lines.  In 2014, I want to focus, execute and complete my projects professionally and on time. This means turning out manuscripts that are pristine and “ready for the public consumption”. I want to complete my manuscript in time for the April interview with the judges; and breeze through the interview process and be invited to the final Pitch Week in June.

In 2014, I expect to fulfill the first round in this new challenge that God has set down for me.  I have listened to his leading through the counsel of the Holy Spirit that indwells in me.  I know that the writers that he is sending my way are people whose testimonies will be a blessing to all who buy and read their books.

The down side of today, I miss my family…my father, brother and sister who no longer live on this side of heaven. I called my mother and wished her Merry Christmas. I will see her tomorrow. Today, she was blessed to spend time with friends. I remember the big family gatherings that The Wilsons had in Penllyn, PA at Nana and Pop Pops.  It was loud and full of laughter and fun. Now my Christmas gathers have transitioned from 30 or more, to just 4 of us. Times have changes.

So I write this to tell each and everyone, enjoy the family and friends that you are blessed to have in your life. There are no promises with whom you will spend your future times together. I pray that you had a joyous Christmas and you remember how blessed we are to have been given the greatest gift of all, God’s son.

No April Fools

Sometimes  I have to make decisions that on the surface seem extreme; but in the long run becomes the best way to bring peace into my life.

To find peace, I had to know what it is.

First, I had to recognize what wasn’t working in my life.  Next, I weighed my options for each of my challenges. Next, I acted on the one option that was do able at that moment.

I found peace as Jesus did…through prayer and meditation.

Mark 1:35 “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.”

This is my testimony and I am happy to share it with you.  It works for me and it will work for you.  God does not want us to live in turmoil.  He wants us to seek Him first before we react to or act on our challenges. With each challenge look to Him.

Matthew 6:33 “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

On April 1, ApPIP-1ril Fool’s Day, I woke up to footsteps on our stairs.  They were ascending toward our bedroom and I thought they belonged to my step-daughter, who frequently fell asleep on the couch and in the early morning would rise to finish her sleep in her bed.  To my surprise, it was my husband.

He walked slowly into the room and announced, “You have to take me to the emergency room, I can’t catch my breath.”

This was no April Fool’s joke, this was for real.

Over the course of the following weeks, I prayed and meditated in my own way, not kneeling, but staying in God’s presence through conversation with the Holy Spirit, as I went through the paces of my daily routine. Twenty-one days later, I am so happy to report that my husband is doing well and gaining strength.  He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.  Three words that sent chills through my body.  My husband had three blocked arteries that were cleaned out and a stint placed in one about a year and a half ago.  That was our first medical scare; and now Congestive Heart Failure.

After 5 days of going back and forth to the hospital, taking our daughter back and forth to work, working on three book projects, and taking care of the day to day duties of our home…I was exhausted.  After my husband, Willie came home from the hospital, we agreed that we would go away to celebrate overcoming this latest challenge. We did and it was wonderful.

That Monday, when we returned home, I had also made a decision that I would be more responsible in caring for my husband, his daughter, his mother (who had been away visiting during this time), our pets, and the house, in addition to fulfilling my duties as a publishing consultant.  Whew! I’m tired just thinking about this.

Of course, I prayed and reminded the Holy Spirit that he had this and that I needed clear directions into how to proceed without losing my mind.  This week I have ultimately accomplished more than I ever dreamed in bringing peace to our home and to my life.  Am I tired at the end of the day? Yes, I am.  But I have had a glimpse into the world of “June Cleaver” the television mom from “Leave It To Beaver”.

Somehow, I have managed to put a smile on each one of our faces.  There has not been an angry word, sucking of teeth or door slam in this house over the last 6 days.  Sacrifice is no joke, and the results of being committed to serve my family is the right path to true peace in my home.

This may not be your option, but I am so thankful that it worked for me.  Every waking hour has been given away…I have even set aside time for myself.  It is true, God does not give us more than we can handle, because He knows the answers to our challenges.  All we have to do is turn to Him.

“Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness…” and  you will find the road to peace.

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