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Maximize Your Self-Publishing Experience


One Smart Lady Productions / Gladstone Publishing Services

Writing a book can be stressful and hard work.  The writing of the book is actually the easiest leg of the journey to becoming a successful independent publishing author.

The next step is Marketing and Distribution of your project. It is easy to invest in a vendor’s table at events, but packing up your books and setting up your table from venue to venue is hard work. You may be able to schedule your first book signings right away, because your family and friends have been waiting for you to finish this long awaited book.  Again, along with the help of a friend, you will have to pack up your books and set up your table, man your table, sit and watch mostly people avoiding eye contact until they decide they want to examine your book, then pack up your books and take the remainder home to store in your closet, garage or trunk of your car until the next event.

I founded Gladstone Publishing Services in 1998 and operated as a traditional mainstream publisher for five years.  Since 2005, I switched over to become a publishing consultant for first-time writers looking to self-publish their books. I have been very successful in getting their books in print.  That is what I focused on.  But, I realized that what was missing from each project was the marketing and distribution. My clients were writers, they were not business people, trained in the art of marketing or distribution. So in May of this year, I made a decision.

One Smart Lady Productions and Gladstone Publishing Services is sponsoring “Maximize Your Book Production Experience’. Download flyer: http://bit.ly/MaxBookProduction Register Here: http://bit.ly/RegisterMPE or call (856) 712-0625 for more information; you can text your questions to this number also.

I hope to see you on the 21st to help you Maximize Your Book Production Experience.  The average independent self-publisher sells less than 500 books…successful ones have sold 2,000….others have been picked up by mainstream publishing houses.

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