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Where’s the Diversity? 5 Reasons Why the US Government Isn’t More Diverse

The following quote by Ms. Horning is why ethnic diverse authors are needed in today’s market whether the purpose is to go mainstream publishing or independent self-publishing.


Kathleen T. Horning, Director of Cooperative Children’s Book Center (CCBC), School of Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison: “…I’ve heard many times from publishers that the “buyers at B&N” believe multicultural books don’t sell. When they are not stocked in these bookstores, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.”


Even if you do not believe you are ready to get your work published, contact me and let’s set up a time to review your goals for your work. Email me at onesmartlady50@gmail.com or call (888)412-9279. Let’s raise the bar in multicultural product availability for all ages.

Deborah Smart
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the open book

In our previous diversity studies on the Academy Awards, the Emmy Awards, the children’s book field, The New York Times Top 10 Bestseller List, Sci-fi and Fantasy Blockbuster films, and the Tony Awards, we interviewed people who actively work in television, publishing, and the theater. We attempted to duplicate this approach for our diversity study on US politics, but with the government shutdown, none of the twelve Congresspeople we contacted responded to our efforts to reach out to them. However, we think the numbers speak for themselves:

So we have applied a different approach for this study. We have identified five main obstacles standing between the diverse US population and a government that is more representative of the actual population. If you can think of other reasons, please leave them in the comments section below.

1. Gerrymandering
We live in an era in…

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The Arts Avenue Interview with Pastor Cedrick Brown – Wednesday, October 2, 2013

“Performing for an Audience of One” is the goal of The Arts Avenue program the 1st Wednesday of every month. TAA provides “a place for you to go, and a path filled with dreams.”


Maximize Your Self-Publishing Experience


One Smart Lady Productions / Gladstone Publishing Services

Writing a book can be stressful and hard work.  The writing of the book is actually the easiest leg of the journey to becoming a successful independent publishing author.

The next step is Marketing and Distribution of your project. It is easy to invest in a vendor’s table at events, but packing up your books and setting up your table from venue to venue is hard work. You may be able to schedule your first book signings right away, because your family and friends have been waiting for you to finish this long awaited book.  Again, along with the help of a friend, you will have to pack up your books and set up your table, man your table, sit and watch mostly people avoiding eye contact until they decide they want to examine your book, then pack up your books and take the remainder home to store in your closet, garage or trunk of your car until the next event.

I founded Gladstone Publishing Services in 1998 and operated as a traditional mainstream publisher for five years.  Since 2005, I switched over to become a publishing consultant for first-time writers looking to self-publish their books. I have been very successful in getting their books in print.  That is what I focused on.  But, I realized that what was missing from each project was the marketing and distribution. My clients were writers, they were not business people, trained in the art of marketing or distribution. So in May of this year, I made a decision.

One Smart Lady Productions and Gladstone Publishing Services is sponsoring “Maximize Your Book Production Experience’. Download flyer: http://bit.ly/MaxBookProduction Register Here: http://bit.ly/RegisterMPE or call (856) 712-0625 for more information; you can text your questions to this number also.

I hope to see you on the 21st to help you Maximize Your Book Production Experience.  The average independent self-publisher sells less than 500 books…successful ones have sold 2,000….others have been picked up by mainstream publishing houses.

How to Remember Your Bliss

In 2003 I experienced many highs and lows.  Of course if you follow my blogs and Facebook posts you know that I became a widow in December 2003.  But earlier that year I participated in a protegé program that had me travelling across these United States meeting talented and inspirational people. One these individuals is Dr. Mawiyah Clayborne.  This morning I pulled from my book shelf her book, “How to Remember Your Bliss”.

When I opened to the title page, I was met with these words, “Deborah, Your loving & heartfelt contribution made this book possible!! Thanks & Congratulations! Mawiyah  8/03 [with a heart]”.

Now that brought a smile to my face and a warm feeling in my heart.  During that time, as my husband was battling cancer, I was seeking my place in the publishing business.  Donald had supported my efforts from the very beginning and he did not want me to give up and sit home to care for him.  He actually didn’t need my physical presence, what he needed was the love and support that encouraged him to get out of bed each morning and do something productive even as his health was failing.  He was my biggest cheerleader.

During this time, I did not have a close relationship with Jesus as I do today.  My spiritual health was being fed by television and radio evangelist; and reading scripture and study materials on my own.  I have a very open worldview of Spirituality.  Dr. Clayborne’s spirituality came from her 30 year followings of  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. She gave him credit in achieving her spiritual foundation.  We came from two different spiritual foundations, but we connected as friends.

I am one of the many contributors in her book, “How to Remember Your Bliss”.  At that time, I was working with young aspiring writers and my essay was based on the sheer joy I received working with them at Creative Performing Arts High School in Camden, New Jersey as their Publisher in Residence.

“Inspired to Bliss” by Deborah Karper

“Joy, my bliss, radiates from my heart and calms my chattering mind! I tap into joy while in the presence of creative and high energy teenagers.  I feel their nervous anticipation of performing in front of a group.  I close my eyes and see the excitement in their faces, as the poetry they have written receives loud, explosive and thundering applause.  They inspire me and remind me that my age is truly just a number.  I have recaptured the joy of my youth, and I am inspired to write the stories I was meant to write and yes, I too, blissfully write and dream again!”

Ten years later, I am still inspired to dream and write; also gain great joy as I work with other writers whose dreams are to be published.  Although I am no longer a traditional publisher, I am still in the publishing business.  I help individuals who choose to self-publish and need the technical and business skills that I bring to the table.  My blissful moments come when they receive their first draft and ultimately their finished book.

As  a lonely middle child, I always feared that when I died, no one would remember that I walked this earth.  But, as I look at the books that I helped birth, I am blissfully satisfied with my choice in life to be an author and publishing consultant.

I want to acknowledge that Mawiyah played a very important role in my life. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for her spirit and bliss. Her quiet soothing manner helped me stay focused on continually finding ways to live a bliss-filled life. Her book is still available on amazon.com.

Dr. Mawiyah Clayborne

Dr. Mawiyah Clayborne

Dr. Mawiyah Clayborne’s Interviews:

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