A Reflection of Who I Am

About Deborah Smart

I am an individual who is passionate about networking and helping individuals get their books in print. I am a writer and I love to journal my experiences hoping that what I write will help someone else who is struggling with an issue or situation.  I particularly love working with creative individuals who are like minded and centered in Christ.  I believe that is my purpose and I am enjoying the projects that come across my desk.

If you are a writing and need mentoring, coaching or straight out help getting your book published contact me.

I am also a seasoned adult who is very interested in remaining healthy and vibrant as I grow older.  It is possible. That is why I keep my outlook on life positive because I believe that stress does kill. It is not just a bumper sticker.  I am an independent product consultant for Tahitian Noni International and believe in our products.  My family and I use them every day. Both my husband and I lost our spouses to cancer and we are now in our 60s.  We would love to have the opportunity to spend the rest of our days together healthy and active as we grow older together.

To read more download my bio

Well that’s me in a nut shell.

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