A Reflection of Who I Am

Looking back on the last year, I know I am blessed. If you follow me on facebook and twitter you know 2015 was a challenge for my family and me. We are believing in 2016 opportunities to build a more stable foundation to live out the rest of our years.

I turned 65 in 2015, and I committed myself to not to do anything to age prematurely. And by premature aging I wasn’t concerned too much with the outward appearance such as wrinkles, sagging and gray hair. I was concerned with emotional and mental aging. I thank God I have fallen in love with reading, writing and arithmetic. Yes the three fundamental skills I struggled with as a child in elementary school.

Reading and Writing

Reading and writing are my passions. I don’t necessarily read alot of books, but I read and research information I need to help my author clients and myself write. I do a lot of reading for my Biblical Institute classes. Last year it was Old Testament Survey, Christ and Culture and The History of the New Testament.

I’ve read and edited manuscripts prior to their publication by Karen Foote -“Crossover – Death to Life”; Crystal Cambisaca -“Isaiah’s Gift of Hope”; Rev. Harold Sutton – “Do The Hard Thing Train Up A Child”; Andrea Gadson – “Released In Search of a King”; Diane Renee – Sacred Diaries – Vol 1: Reflection. I am currently reading and editing: “Yea, Thou I Walk Through the Valley” by Lois Dais-Kelley; “In Search of – MRL” by David Dutton; “Still I Stand – A Journey to Purpose” by Prophetess Minister Mary Height. I have a few more projects which I am working on, but the three I mentioned are ready for production this month (January 2016).

I’ve also added a service to convert print books to Digital format. Zee Browne at Soul Bites Studio took advance of my service. So if you have a book you self-published and would like to digitize it let me know.


I realized finally that I can only work on x number of projects at a time. Especially since I was not charging in a way which allowed me to keep up with my cost of living. So this year I have changed my business model. I am definitely not ready to retire. I have too many skills and gifts to use. I am emotionally and mentally sound and actively looking to help first time and aspiring writers get their writing projects off the ground.

So premature aging is not an option for me. God has blessed me with a mission to help his people write their testimonies in memoirs, non-fiction and fiction formats.

Deborah Wilson Smart is author of “Pearl the Little Light That Shines” a look back at a child’s life in the 50s and 60s told by Pearline Richardson. (Middle to Third Age Generation)
“Hadana and the Skating Club” a story of childhood confusion in dealing with an angry adult.
(Grade School -3rd grade plus)
“Joy Comes Through the Mourning” a compilation of letters, journal entries, poetry and short stories written to help get through the grieving process.
(Young, Middle and Third Age Generation)



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