A Reflection of Who I Am

WHWP2012Through Apathy Comes a Path to You

©2012 Deborah Wilson Smart

Through Pain Comes Anger

Through Destruction comes Pride

Through Selfishness comes Arrogance

Through Self-Awareness comes Truth

Through the Word of God comes Healing

Through Redemption and Reconciliation come You

Anger withholds the truth.

Pride resists the truth.

Arrogance blocks compassion and mercy, yet

Truth takes away weapons of hate and self-destruction, when

Healing removes the wedge between the loved and unloved; then

You find yourself on a new path.

This path leads to complete Healing and Love.

This path opens your heart to others pain.

This path allows you to be whole.

Whole like you were at birth.

No prejudice, no hate.

Whole like you were before the abuse.

Mental, physical, spiritual and emotional abuse.

Whole to be the individual God meant for you to be.

Lacking nothing, desiring everything; freely expressing you.

This path paves the way for a new beginning.

Like the rivers Tiger and Euphrates when the earth was born.

Your rebirth from apathetic soul to healing soul is the secret, to

World Healing and World Peace.

Published by InnerChild Press

World Healing and World Peace Vol. 1 & 2

An Anthology of Poetry 2012


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