A Reflection of Who I Am

Hadana-and-the-Skating-ClubVery excited! Received the notice from the printers the book layout meets their specifications. I ordered a softcover proof of the book. I see a couple of minor changes. I always like seeing the manuscript in book format before signing off on it. I will be working on the webpage in the meantime. It should be done tomorrow, and you can order the book directly from the site.

I have heard there are a number of people anticipating the launch. I am pleased with the response. This is a small project. It is a starting point for these two young ladies’ careers. Hadana is eleven and Joy is sixteen. They will share in the commissions and royalties. There will be an “easy reader” version coming out in the near future. Joy will be out of school and have more time to produce the illustrations during her summer break. I am also going to see if Hadana would like to do a second book. There is nothing like “striking while the iron is hot” when mentoring young folk. Pray for us and pray for our future projects.

Mentoring adults also brings me joy. “Hadana and the Skating Club” is personally my second book. I published “Joy Comes Through the Mourning” in 2011.  I am putting the finishing touches on P. J. Richardson’s story, “Pearl, The Little Light that Shines” and it will be ready for release within the next few days.  P. J. has a blog http://thepearlineoyster.com.

Hadana and the Skating Club will begin shipping May 1st. Order your copy today.

No matter where you are in your life, believe this one thing; God makes room for your gifts. He also brings people into your life to help you grow your gift. Do not be afraid to step out and follow your dream.


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